Using the GDACS Satellite Mapping and Coordination System (SMCS)

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The GDACS Satellite Mapping and Coordination system provides a communication and coordination platform where organisations may monitor and inform stakeholders of their completed, current and future mapping activities for ongoing emergencies. It makes use of both automatic data feeds offered by mapping organisations as well as allowing registered users to create their own areas of interest within a given event area and keep people updated on the mapping products they have or are currently producing. The end goal is to reduce duplication of mapping efforts and to also maximise awareness of existing products.

  • Sign up at
  • Account request will be reviewed and activated by UNOSAT.
  • Confirmation email will be sent, after which users may log in and input their information. A user account is not needed just to browse the data.
  • Provides a publically available display of automatic feeds from partners and mapping organisations (to have a GeoRSS feed added to the list, please contact
  •  Shows coordination events, these are events in the SMCS system where mapping teams may mark their AOI and provide details for other organisations on their past, current and future products.
  • Provides in-depth details of a given event and the activities being carried out by different partners in responding to it.
  • Allows for both automated data entry via GeoRSS, as well as direct updating of AOI’s.
  • To view an event from the map on the homepage
    • a user must first click the polygon of the event they want to view,
    •  On the resulting pop-up, click the menu option to ‘View Event’.

  • Once logged in, a user must navigate to the coordination event they wish to update
    • Then, from the right side menu, they can choose the type of activity AOI they want to add (either a completed, on-going, or planned mapping activity).
    • Draw the AOI on the map
    • Fill in the required information in the popup.
    • Closing the popup then saves the AOI in the system.

  • For coordination event AOI’s associated with a user’s organisation (as shown on their user profile), editing and updating is as simple as clicking the AOI and making changes on the resulting pop-up, which will then be saved directly

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